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手作り Crafts
We will gladly accept custom orders to meet your specific requests.



I've loved crafting and creating things with my hands since I was a child. I was always making something.

The three pieces I'm showcasing here have been very popular in Canada and have been a big hit at pop-up stores and charity events.







This is a bonsai of a thousand origami cranes.

Thin paper, dyed in your preferred color, is cut into one-centimeter square pieces and folded into cranes.

Then, a bonsai branch is made using wire, and each folded crane is attached to it one by one.

Usually, about 140 cranes are attached to each tree.

We can create it to match the theme, such as using light pink during the spring cherry blossom season, bright green during the fresh green season, and a gradient of red and brown during the autumn leaves season.

Isn't it incredibly beautiful?






This is a collection of miniature pet animals made with wool felting.

The idea behind it was to help a friend who was in the depths of despair after losing their beloved pet. I wanted to somehow cheer them up, so I made these mini pets. When my friend saw them, they cried uncontrollably, but it wasn't just tears of sadness, it was also tears of joy. It was bittersweet.

After that, I started receiving more and more orders for these miniature pets.

If you send me photos of your pets from various angles, I can make a custom miniature pet for you. They make great gifts for your friends too.






This is a smartphone case made of wool felt.

Since we use our smartphones every day, we all want something cute or unique to use, right? I made this with that in mind, and it turned out to be quite popular.

I purchased a simple smartphone case online and had it sent to my address. Then, based on the size of the case, I create a design according to the customer's preferences. For example, "a design inspired by blue flowers", "an abstract design using earthy colors", or "a design like this photo". I take those requests and make the case accordingly.

The finished product is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, so it's exciting to see the final result!

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