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それから、風邪、腹痛、歯痛などの急性の軽い症状から、交通事故やスポーツでの大怪我、悪性腫瘍などの慢性の重い病気や精神的な病気などに幅広く活用することが出来ます。これのみでも、それから他の治療法と簡単に併用出来るのが靈氣療法です。 慣れて来ますと、悪い部分を感知することが出来るようになって来ます。症状が表面に出る前に手当てをする事が出来ますので、病気の予防としても役立ちます。 末期の患者さんには、靈氣療法が不安と痛みの緩和に活躍し、平穏で自然体な最期を向かえるお手伝いにもなります。海外では在宅ケアなどに役立っています。



What is Reiki ?

Photo : Jaime Kowal​

Reiki therapy is a technique that has been known as a folk remedy in pre-war Japan since 1922.


Reiki therapy can be easily learned by anyone, and unlike other therapies, it can be administered simply by placing hands on the body. It does not use one's own energy, nor does it receive the negative energy of the recipient, so there is no fatigue on the part of the practitioner. On the contrary, both the recipient and the practitioner become energized when Reiki therapy is administered.

In addition, Reiki therapy is a folk remedy that is unrelated to other ancient hand-waving therapies and religious therapies and is used worldwide.

Reiki therapy is used to treat minor injuries such as cuts, scratches, and burns using emergency methods. It is highly effective and has the characteristic of rapid healing of wounds. It is something that mothers and fathers with small children should definitely know about.

Reiki therapy can be widely used from acute minor symptoms such as colds, abdominal pain, and toothaches to severe chronic illnesses such as traffic accidents, sports injuries, malignant tumors, and mental illnesses. Reiki therapy can easily be used in combination with other therapies. As you become more familiar with it, you can sense the area of a person's body is under a stress.

It can be used to prevent illness by administering treatment before symptoms appear. Reiki therapy can also help relieve anxiety and pain in terminally ill patients, and can help them pass away peacefully and naturally. 

We want more people to know about Reiki therapy, which can be used for a lifetime after learning it once.


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