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臼井 甕男





やまぐち ちよこ



うすい みかお

1865年8月15日 - 1926年3月9日

現在レイキとして世界中に広まっている手当て療法を中心とした民間療法の創始者, 臼井霊気療法学会の設立者。




はやし ちゅうじろう

1879年9月15日 - 1940年5月11日





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1900年12月24日 - 1980年12月11日はハワイのホノルルで生まれた日系アメリカ人であり、レイキを西洋社会に紹介した人物。



Usui Reiki Institute

Mikao Usui

Usui Mikao

August 15, 1865 - March 9, 1926

The founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, a folk remedy centered around a healing method that has now spread worldwide as Reiki.  

In April 1922, he established the Gakkai and trained 20 instructors until his passing in March 1926. One of them was Chujiro Hayashi.

The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai still exists today, quietly carrying out its activities without much contact with the general public.

Hayashi Reiki Institute

Chujiro Hayashi

Jikiden Reiki

Chiyoko Yamaguchi

Chujiro Hayashi

September 15, 1879 – May 11, 1940

In 1925, he was granted the qualification to teach all aspects of Reiki by Usui Sensei and became a teacher. Following Usui Sensei's guidance, he went independent and continued to provide Reiki treatment and lectures under the name "Hayashi Reiki Kenkyukai" until World War II. Even after becoming independent, he continued to teach Reiki as "Usui Reiki Ryoho". The Reiki that became mainstream in Japan as "Reiki" was spread overseas by Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American who received teacher training from Hayashi and settled in Hawaii. It was later reintroduced to Japan in the 1980s.


Hawayo Takata

Chiyoko Yamaguchi

December 18, 1921 - 2003

In 1938, she learned Usui Reiki Ryoho directly from Chujiro Hayashi in Daishoji, Ishikawa Prefecture. Afterwards, she worked hard to study and practice Reiki with her relatives and local Reiki colleagues. She continued to practice Reiki for 65 years until her passing in 2003. In 1995, she learned for the first time that Reiki had been spread worldwide as "Reiki," and in 1999, together with her son Tadao, she founded the Jikiden Reiki Institute to accurately restore the original teachings of Reiki based on existing materials, photographs, notes, and memories from that time.

Hawayo Takata

December 24, 1900 – December11, 1980

Hawayo Takata was a Japanese American born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is the person who introduced Reiki to the Western world.

In 1935, she learned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi. In 1938, she received the teacher certification from Hayashi during her training in Hawaii. Between 1975 and her death in 1980, she trained 22 Reiki Masters. After that, the Reiki Alliance Association spread Reiki around the world, and in the mid-1980s, it was reintroduced to Japan as Reiki, following the Western Reiki lineage.

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